Internal Gear Inspection – your challenges resolved

Internal Gear inspection

Inspecting internal gear quality is a challenging task due to the limited access to datums as specified in the drawings or assemblies. Often, the datum can be the Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) itself, necessitating the use of gear testers which are not only expensive but also time-consuming, especially when 100% inspection is required. Ensuring the … Read more

1 Million+ Gears for Exports Inspected with 0% Rejection in 5 years of Successful Partnership.

The Power of Partnership: Achieving 0% Rejection in Gear Exports!

The Partnership of Innovation and Ambition! 100% Inspection of Gears, Splines and Shafts is a critical task that is a challenge to several manufacturers as it requires absolute precision and reliability. Our Client, was not an exception to this! Our Client is one of India’s fastest growing manufacturers of gears and transmission components supplying to … Read more

Gear Quality Inspection – A New Revolution is in the Making

Gear Quality inspection - a new revolution is coming

Gear Quality Inspection – A New Revolution is in the MakingIn recent years, the costs associated with gear quality inspections have been on the rise. Several key factors contribute to this upward trend. First, the growing complexity of gear designs necessitates more intricate inspection processes and specialized equipment. Additionally, stricter industry regulations and customer demands … Read more

Gear Inspection Automation to ensure zero PPM rejection of internal gears


RACL Gear Tech has emerged as a leading manufacturer of automotive gears over the past 30 years. Alongside other automotive components, RACL manufactures gears for motorcycles and scooters, cars, and electric vehicles. Today, it is a major exporter of gears to developed markets. The EV gears manufactured by the company are a complex product, and … Read more

Innovative Gear Roll Tester to double the gear inspection productivity


Auto Gear Roll Tester to inspect 5 parameters and 9 variants of gear Human inspection is prone to errors. CalibroMeasure has a single automation solution that can inspect multiple aspects of gear, and do this efficiently and accurately for gears of multiple types. Automated gear inspection equipment from CalibroMeasure Equpments Pvt Ltd brings 100% efficiency … Read more

Inspection of Gear! Ensure zero rejection


Inspection of Gear by checking 16 parameters on 4 variants in just 24 seconds that too by a single operator The final gear inspection process typically needs around 6 to 8 people. Imagine a process where one single person can cover all gear inspection parameters all by himself. Data is also central to the gear … Read more

This Gear Rolling Tester saves up to 50% of manpower costs in your Gear Inspection

save-50%-of-manpower-costs-in-Gear Rolling-Inspection

Gear Rolling Tester – Operator conducted two tests simultaneously single-handedly. Labour-dependent in-process inspection is prone to human errors as well as hassles in settings of inspection equipment as the equipment is shared among the employees. A poor in-process inspection process means re-work on rejected gears spending considerable time and costs. On RollSmart, the gear is rolled … Read more

Automate gear inspection method process to boost your gear profits


Gear inspection method for automation Your gears are examined meticulously in the final gear rolling inspection before they are being shipped to the customer, but is the gear inspection method, process in-process inspection efficient enough to ensure near-zero in-house rejection? If you have a meticulous final inspection, but you’re in-process inspection still lacks quality, your inspection process … Read more

Electric Vehicle Gearbox and Transmission manufacturers in India are eying a rapid growth.


The design and manufacturing of transmission gears is facing new performance challenges as the world shifts to electric vehicles. The stark difference between electric vehicle transmission and internal combustion engine vehicle gears means that as EVs rise and ultimately dominate the roads, gears must cater to new performance requirements. Electric vehicles derive their power by … Read more

Gear Inspection Software – Towards Digital Inspection process, equipment, and reports

Gear-Inspection-Software – Towards-Digital-Inspection-process-equipment-and-reports

Digitisation is at the core of our decision-making today. From searching information, using maps, booking cabs, ordering food to track vital health parameters. Software aid our decision-making at every step. Wouldn’t it be equally great to experience the many benefits of digitisation that we do in personal life even in taking critical decisions at work? … Read more



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