1 Million+ Gears for Exports Inspected with 0% Rejection in 5 years of Successful Partnership.

The Partnership of Innovation and Ambition!

100% Inspection of Gears, Splines and Shafts is a critical task that is a challenge to several manufacturers as it requires absolute precision and reliability. Our Client, was not an exception to this!

Our Client is one of India’s fastest growing manufacturers of gears and transmission components supplying to diverse OEM customers across the globe. The growth targets of the Client were ambitious, but challenges in reducing rejection of gears, especially the amount of time and energy that was consumed for the inspection through traditional methodologies were hampering the growth.

The client faced challenges in critical gear rolling inspection that demanded 100% accuracy and traceability. There was an urgent need to go beyond traditional equipment to not only inspect the gears with 100% accuracy but also do it in significantly less time without compromising on the quality. While trying to find the solutions, the Client came across CalibroMeasure and its innovative range of gear rolling testers. To confirm the precision and accuracy of CalibroMeasure’s equipment the Client decided to first research and reach out to our existing customers. After receiving very positive feedback, the Client decided to procure  GearMate, an automated gear rolling tester known for its high accuracy and 100% traceability.

GearMate- Your True mate in gear inspection!

GearMate was put in function and a critical component which was to be exported was inspected. The results correlated with a gear tester within very tolerable limits. But more importantly the inspection was done with 100% accuracy in much less time with significantly lower human effort.

The Client was very happy and satisfied as the objective of 0% rejection after dispatch was finally met. This was the beginning of a long-term partnership which led to solving many quality inspection challenges!

“India’s Caliber is CalibroMeasure!”

The turning point arrived when a European giant, a Tier I vendor of gears for esteemed brands like BMW and Mercedez, approached the client with an order. But the European company demanded extremely critical inspection of various components and requested them to buy custom inspection machines from Europe, doubting India’s capability for such critical tasks.

The Client, which was now completely aware of the CalibroMeasure’s technical competencies and expertise, suggested our machines for the job. The European Client was not so easily convinced.  It was decided that there will be a meeting wherein CalibroMeasure would have to prove the expertise for critical inspection in consideration. Failing to prove, the client will follow the guidelines of Europeans and import the suggested equipment for inspection.

CalibroMeasure’s representatives were able to answer all the technical queries of the European customer. The job was given to CalibroMeasure, marking a milestone in our client’s journey. Later, CalibroMeasure built three world-class inspection machines customized to meet the European project’s stringent demands.

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges!

CalibroMeasure and the client lived this quote while working on a European project.

The inspections that were demanded were very critical and almost impossible for any other Indian company but CalibroMeasure made it happen. It was a huge challenge as such kind of inspection was only possible with the equipment in the standard room which is extremely costly, time-consuming and difficult.

Results after the Gear inspection.

  • Trust for Make in India: The doubts of the European customer were resolved after interactions with CalibroMeasure. The trust was built to such an extent that the client’s customer awarded one more similar project to them.
  • Up to 60% savings on CapEx, faster delivery: The time and the cost that might have been consumed in importing the equipment was cut down by about 60%
  • 100% Inspection of components: Sample inspection was transformed to 100% inspection. Each and every component was inspected.
  • Reduced cycle time by 96%: Cycle time was reduced from 25 minutes to mere 1 minute.
  • 100% accuracy that left a negligible 4-micron difference from standard room readings.
  • 80% cost saved in inspection

The project was a huge success. Client was awarded another similar project by the same European company after a year. 

Sharing and being aligned to our common goal: Company’s CMD presented its vision to eliminate human-dependent inspections, aiming for quantified inspection across all shopfloors in all their plants. CalibroMeasures team members visited various production lines, scanning shop floors to develop and design equipment that turned vision into reality.

The impact was Great. Our Client witnessed a growth in profitability, acquiring major projects and winning over 100% sourcing supply from the European company. CalibroMeasure’s quality inspection equipment played a crucial role in building trust in the client’s competencies to supply gears for critical applications. Calibromeasure’s innovations didn’t stop at machines; our team CNCTized the Client’s existing DoB and PCD runout measurement fixtures which were also  imported earlier. This reduced the costs of inspection by 60-70% while transitioning manual inspections into precise, data-rich processes.

Our Partnership and your company’s success story can be the next!

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