Gear Inspection Automation to ensure zero PPM rejection of internal gears

RACL Gear Tech has emerged as a leading manufacturer of automotive gears over the past 30 years. Alongside other automotive components, RACL manufactures gears for motorcycles and scooters, cars, and electric vehicles. Today, it is a major exporter of gears to developed markets. The EV gears manufactured by the company are a complex product, and they must meet the stringent standard requirements for gear inspection parameters in developed overseas markets.

Gear inspection – What were the major challenges faced by RACL?

RACL is into manufacturing automotive gears. The product is complex because it requires a rolling inspection for internal teeth. The second challenge was that value inspection was required with respect to some datums like outer diameter, internal diameter, etc. However, manual inspection made it hard to refer to multiple datums, and traceability was difficult. 

What gear inspection methods did you need to resolve these challenges?

Automating gear inspection processes to achieve zero PPM (Parts Per Million) rejection rates, especially for internal gear testers, is a significant goal in quality control and manufacturing. We had explored some measurement solutions for the measurement of DIN class 6 and DIN class 7 products, particularly for functional testing like the rolling test.

We needed an automated gear inspection solution that offered quick, accurate measurement, and digital reports for easy traceability.

How does the gear inspection machine/gear inspection equipment from CalibroMeasure resolve the issue?

Yes. We successfully deployed CalibroMearure gear inspection machine such as GearMate, GearMate Superior, and Roll-Smart at our facility. This gear inspection equipment is enabled with a mistake-proofing system to avoid the defects passing to the customer end.

How was the performance of CalibroMeasure’s gear inspection equipment?

We implemented this gear quality inspection equipment in the supply of products to our overseas customers, particularly, of DIN class 6 and DIN class 7. The performance of CalibroMeasure’s gear quality inspection machine is really good.

With the help of CalibroMeasure’s gear inspection equipment, we could really deliver good quality to our customers, achieving zero PPM rejections.

How was your experience of working with the CalibroMeasure team?

Achieving zero PPM rejection rates in gear manufacturing requires a holistic approach, combining advanced technology, process control, data analysis, and a strong quality-focused culture. It’s essential to continuously monitor and improve the quality control processes to minimize defects and optimize productivity. CalibroMeasure has been interacting with us as well as with our end customer, to develop a good measurement solution. I am happy to share that they have done a really good job on the internal toothing system. 

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