Zero errors in Gear Span Measurement – a simple solution.

Errors in span measurement using a span micrometer can cost much more than you think!
Several errors can affect accuracy when using a span micrometer for precise measurements.

The readings can be inaccurate if the micrometer is not perfectly aligned with the span to be measured.
Impact: This can result in incorrect measurements, affecting the quality and functionality of the measured gears.

User Error:
Inconsistent pressure applied by the user, incorrect reading of the micrometer scale, or improper handling can introduce errors.
Impact: Continuous monitoring becomes crucial to minimize user-related inaccuracies.

Handling error: The most common problem is that of micrometers slipping out of the hands of the operator, dropping on the floor and getting damaged.
Impact: Span micrometers need to be replaced every 3-4 months leading to huge expenditure.

Instrument Wear and Tear:
Over time, wear and tear on the micrometer’s components can degrade its accuracy.
Impact: Regular maintenance and calibration are necessary to ensure the micrometer remains in good working condition.

A simple solution to all the problems!

The Span Measurement Fixture from CalibroMeasure is a patented solution that has resolved all the problems for gear manufacturers. The key benefits include:

  • 3x improvement in measurement throughput
  • Eliminates errors typically encountered in measurements through span micrometer
  • Automated data capture for every measurement
  • Even an unskilled person can perform perfect measurements
  • High accuracy and repeatability with Digital ReadOut of measurements

The game-changing fixture is sturdy, durable and designed for high-speed, high-volume operation. CalibroMeasure’s systems integrate digital data capture and display, eliminating manual transcription errors.

Save up to 5 Lakhs in annual savings on Span Measurement – Here’s how.
CalibroMeasure’s fixture for span measurement has helped companies to save a total of up to INR 5 Lakhs annually:

  • Help save on frequent replacement costs for span micrometers (up to 3 Span micrometers were damaged yearly due to falls, wear and tear or mishandling.)
  • Savings in terms of costs of skilled labour required for Span Measurement earlier with the use of span micrometer
  • Operational cost saving with fewer labour and inspection tables as the throughput with CalibroMeasure’s fixture increased by almost two times.

If you want to eliminate errors, reduce costs, and improve the accuracy of gear span measurement, we must speak now.
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