Inspection of Gear! Ensure zero rejection

Inspection of Gear by checking 16 parameters on 4 variants in just 24 seconds that too by a single operator

The final gear inspection process typically needs around 6 to 8 people. Imagine a process where one single person can cover all gear inspection parameters all by himself.

Data is also central to the gear inspection method for ensuring traceability and statistical analysis. Often, errors in the manual processes lead to data records being compromised. If manpower involved in the gear inspection process is reduced, recording data can look even more difficult.

GearMate® automates the entire final inspection of gear. The machine accurately measures and records gear & non-gear parameters independent of skilled manpower. Highly sensitive data recording capability coupled with auto-rolling of gears generates 4 data points for each degree of rotation on GearMate® Superior. Even the smallest deviations in TCE and TTE are now recorded and displayed in real-time.

GearMate® comes as a customized solution tailored to meet your specific inspection needs, accompanied by proprietary software and foolproofed, fail-safe mechanisms to avoid all sorts of failures. Nullifying the human error factor, these machines offer a high repeatability ±3µ and accuracy within 1µ for your gears.

Key Benefit of Inspection of Gear with GearMate

  • Repeatability within 10% tolerance band
  • Zero rejection skipping to customers
  • Best quality inspection on one equipment in optimized space
  • Superior performance with the ability to inspect
  • 2000+ components in 12 hrs
  • Audio Visual assistance with video tutorials
  • Manpower saving of 8 persons per shift
  • 100% traceability with data capturing

Parameters of Gear Inspection Methods

  1. Gear flank Length
  2. Milling Depth
  3. DOB while rolling with respect to datum A – B
  4. NRR Diameter with respect to PCD
  5. NRR blank diameter
  1. Outer Diameter
  2. Milling Center Distance (arc)
  3. Milling Center Distance (flat)
  4. Symmetricity
  5. NNR blank diameter (OD1)
  6. Paint Marking

Automating your final inspection process with GearMate® means higher savings due to drastic manpower reduction while achieving zero PPM rejection. To know more about how the capabilities of GearMate® could help you grow faster with less manpower, write to us at

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