Innovative Gear Roll Tester to double the gear inspection productivity

Auto Gear Roll Tester to inspect 5 parameters and 9 variants of gear

Human inspection is prone to errors. CalibroMeasure has a single automation solution that can inspect multiple aspects of gear, and do this efficiently and accurately for gears of multiple types.

Automated gear inspection equipment from CalibroMeasure Equpments Pvt Ltd brings 100% efficiency and accuracy to your in-process as well as final gear quality inspection, addressing almost all aspects related to gear quality inspection.

A gear roll tester is a versatile tool to inspect the parameters and variants. By ensuring precise measurements and adherence to quality standards, manufacturers can produce gears that meet their intended specifications and function optimally in various applications.

Key Benefits of Gear Inspection with Gear Roll Tester

  • Two-Component testing at a time
  • Zero dependencies on skilled manpower
  • 100% traceability with recording all inspection data
  • Industry 4.0 ready machine

Parameters checked by Gear Roll Tester in Gear Inspection

  1. TCE / TTE Tooth Profile
  2. Attribute Span Surface Finish
  3. ID and Pitch Diameter
  4. Taper and Runout
  5. Ovality of Pitch Diameter

Automating your final inspection process with GearMate® means higher savings due to drastic manpower reduction while achieving zero PPM rejection. To know more about how the capabilities of GearMate® could help you grow faster with less manpower, write to us at

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