Automate gear inspection method process to boost your gear profits

Gear inspection method for automation

Your gears are examined meticulously in the final gear rolling inspection before they are being shipped to the customer, but is the gear inspection method, process in-process inspection efficient enough to ensure near-zero in-house rejection?

If you have a meticulous final inspection, but you’re in-process inspection still lacks quality, your inspection process is half-baked.

Labour dependent in-process inspection is prone to human errors as well as hassles in settings of inspection equipment as the equipment is shared among the employees. A poor in-process inspection process means re-work on rejected gears spending considerable time and costs.

Imagine automating a process such as rolling gear test

An in-process gear roll tester can now monitor multiple hobbing /grinding machines for performance and digitally record accurate quantified TTC and TTE readings.

You could do this and more with RollSmart®.

On RollSmart, the gear is rolled automatically and entire gear rolling inspection data is quantified and recorded. Thus, the CpCpk analysis becomes easy and foolproof. The auto-rolling feature also leaves no option for the operator but to inspect the gear at the desired frequency.

The machine’s settings can be changed in under a minute, enabling it to be used quickly for checking the rolling parameters of different gears.

On the cost front, you can now record the trend of TCE at just 8 paisa per gear !

Shift to the smart way of gear rolling now!

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