Electric Vehicle Gearbox and Transmission manufacturers in India are eying a rapid growth.

The design and manufacturing of transmission gears is facing new performance challenges as the world shifts to electric vehicles.

The stark difference between electric vehicle transmission and internal combustion engine vehicle gears means that as EVs rise and ultimately dominate the roads, gears must cater to new performance requirements.

Electric vehicles derive their power by transforming electric energy into mechanical energy using electric motors. Electric motors deliver higher torque and power curves for vehicle operations. These factors make the transmission technology for EVs fairly simpler, offering reduced overall geometry. Due to this, electric vehicle gear systems do not have multiple speed ratios between input and output.

Electric vehicle transmission systems comprise of fewer gears but must run with higher rotational speeds. Since electric vehicle gears have reduced the number of transmission speeds, the gears must sustain a more severe life-cycle as compared to those in conventional automotive. Lastly, electric vehicle transmission systems must be low-noise and be classified as high-speed applications.

The development of high-performance transmission systems for electric vehicles relies heavily on a flawless inspection processes

The global market for electric vehicle gears is projected to reach $28.45 billion by 2027. While China, Europe, and US are the leading users of electric cars, China is also the leading exporter of electric vehicle gear systems and other EV components.

With support of government initiatives, Indian gear manufacturers could get a bigger slice of the export market. But in order to tap the global opportunities, Indian gear manufacturers must up their gear inspection game.

In this blog, we consider some of the key areas where improved gear inspection could bring considerable benefits to electric vehicle gearbox manufacturers in India

Meeting international standards for electric vehicle gears

In the case of IC engines, the sound of the engine masked the noise from the drivetrain components. With near-noiseless electric engines and fewer moving parts in EVs, electric vehicle gear noise could become a point of concern. Currently, standards such DIN and AGMA lay down parameters to produce noiseless gear systems for electric vehicles. Confirming to these standards is the key for electric vehicle gearbox manufacturers in India to unlock opportunities in electric vehicle gear systems.

A precise digital inspection process is critical to ensuring that the gears are shipped to meet the most stringent international standards

Improved traceability for electric vehicle gear systems

Traceability is an important factor in the global supply chain. The EU laws make it mandatory for suppliers to know where their products come from. When European suppliers depend on factories in India, which in turn source their raw material from China, the supply chain can become complex. Traceability improves supply-chain transparency, reduces risks, and protects suppliers from legal action in case a fault is discovered in electric vehicle gears.

Gear inspection equipment from CalibroMeasure ensures complete traceability for gears including TCE/TTE detection, and an instant PDI report for the inspection process.

Digital quality inspection process for electric vehicle gear systems

Digitization of the gear inspection process is key to traceability as well as gear quality. electric vehicle gears must meet specific texture and waviness specifications to ensure better tooth interaction and reduce contingent noise. Using inspection methods that involve little to no contact for such gears arrests the risk of damage or compromised quality in handling.

An automated gear inspection aided with digital software ensures very little human contact with the gears, reducing possibilities of damage to gears from human errors.

100% inspection for guarantee of quality for electric vehicle gearboxes

Random sample inspection is often a preferred way to save time when shipping a product. However, this method is not always effective. Errors in sampling could lead to the entire batch being rejected despite positive inspection results. Second, inspecting random samples often adds to the cost rather than the value of the product. Given the high performance and durability requirement of EV gears, there is no room for such errors.

When the gear inspection process for electric vehicle gears is automated and digitalized, it gains in both speed and accuracy. This allows the gear manufacturer to quickly inspect 100% of the products rather than inspecting random samples to save time.

Despite the high initial investment, automated and digitalized inspection reduces inspection costs while enhancing the process quality in the long run.

Error-free inspection process for electric vehicle gear systems

Some electric vehicle gears may have a complex geometry and most would have high precision requirements. Digital quality inspection and automation are a must for electric vehicle gearbox manufacturers in India to ensure error-free quality inspection of transmission systems in electric vehicles.

With a larger number of human inspectors, there is a greater chance of errors in quality judgment. The automated inspection ensures consistency and accuracy in electric vehicle gear inspection.


As the global market for EVs develops, electric vehicle gear manufacturers in India should be prepared to take the emerging export opportunities. The gears shipped must meet stringent global norms while delivering high precision and performance across different weather conditions around the world. An improved, automated, digital inspection is vital to entering and surviving the competition in global markets.

CalibroMeasure has been working to help electric vehicle gear manufacturers in India resolve gear inspection issues with efficient automated gear inspection solutions. Our range of products includes options that let customers automate specific processes such as gear rolling, or inspect every parameter of any gear type on a single machine.

CalibroMeasure is your trusted gear inspection partner in the global market for electric vehicles. Get in touch with us at connect@calibromeasure.in for your gear quality inspection process.

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