GearMate a superior gear inspection method

To err is human. Not so in the high-precision, hi-tech gear industry. Here, a single error, gear-related, or otherwise escaping the PDI can set the unit back, way back in fact in many ways, including monetary, reputation, and time. Such a shock sets most units completely out of sync with their targets and objectives, with some remaining perennially in the red.

With stakes being so high, the scope for oversight in identifying and weeding out defective and below-standard products should ideally be “ zero.” With most identification systems, despite their apparent “hi-tech” tag retaining their human element, this was once thought to be impossible. Scenarios these days have changed drastically with the introduction of GearMate and GearMate Superior by CalibroMeasure Equipment, a technology-driven, inspection system designer and manufacturer.

Importance of Gear PDI Report

Known to make some of the most versatile, innovative, cost-effective, and contemporary of PDI systems, their most significant contribution to the industry is helping most high-tech gear manufacturers make the cut in a field known to be extremely challenging. Being a cost-effective, digital computerized system, it pays for itself by making the PDI system 100% rejection-proof resulting in zero debit notes and zero time over-runs.

One of the key reasons for rejection skipping is the poor repeatability of the gear roll tester, Usage of the master having runout which adds up to the errors in inspection, manual errors due to lack of poka-yoke systems and course irregular calibration.

CalibroMeasure Equipment Pvt Ltd has worked on such key pain areas and built a robust and reliable pre-delivery gear inspection machine, GearMate and GearMate Superior:

The repeatability of ±3µ ensures

A) No OK gear is identified as NOT OK which causes internal rejection

B) No NOT OK gear is identified as OK which results in serious implications as discussed before.

PC PLC has driven decision-making. Data with respect to gear parameters can be input, saved, and analyzed fast. As opposed to manual-driven, it generates reports almost instantaneously taking every parameter into account. Besides, It ensures calibration at the necessary frequency and also calculates the master runout and takes into account.

Inspection of every kind of gear and non-gear parameters, including automatic gear inspection of DFCE/TTCE, ID, ID Taper, Gear Width, Span, DOB and it’s grading and marking, Face runout and any such parameters can be accomplished on one compact equipment, which saves on space considerably.

The advantages of using GearMate and GearMate Superior:
  • Instant PDI with zero rejection skipping
  • High accuracy
  • Enhanced traceability
  • Less human resources and consequent savings
  • CP/CPK Analysis
  • Important status of inspection line updated on personal devices- PC/ mobile
What this means at the client-end is:
  • Increased productivity with zero downtime
  • Better product quality
  • Savings in inspection-cost
  • Savings in terms of space and human resources
  • Closer adherence to process parameters

If you are a gear manufacturer, this ought to make sense to you. If not, it could just be a matter of time before a debit note arrives at your door-step. You could then be in a very, very tight spot.

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