Gear Inspection Software – Towards Digital Inspection process, equipment, and reports

Digitisation is at the core of our decision-making today. From searching information, using maps, booking cabs, ordering food to track vital health parameters. Software aid our decision-making at every step.
Wouldn’t it be equally great to experience the many benefits of digitisation that we do in personal life even in taking critical decisions at work?

Manual inspection and measurement leave room for errors, and slows down the process. Decision-making based on manual interpretations takes time, and carries a higher risk.

Digitisation and software driven inspections promise a huge improvement and impact.

Defining a digitization level

Digitalization goes beyond converting your measurement reports from analog to digital. It has several aspects, which converge to make your quality inspection process efficient, and yield more insights to feed as inputs for critical decisions. Based on your the specific needs of your facility and application, you can define the level of digitization you require.

Basic digitization

You can choose to digitize all of your inspection reports. For instance, MeasureMate, from CalibroMeasure completely automates and digitizes gear measuring process.

MeasureMate generates accurate digital data for key parameters of gear accuracy measurement, and can also measure a number of other parameters as per control plan.

Instant digital reports and remote monitoring make gear inspection easier and more accurate. You can choose to examine and interpret the report yourself, and tweak your production parameters to improve product specifics.

However, digital quality inspection can go beyond just accurate measurements and displays on digital dashboards.

Software driven inspection

Certain CalibroMeasure products come with a proprietary software, which takes the digitization of quality inspection process to the next level. The software measures the gears, and conducts further analysis to identify the cause of deviation. The digital measurements are then transferred to the manufacturing machine to enable automatic corrections to the gear.

GearMate from CalibroMeasure automatically calculates and compensates the master runout of the gears, resulting in zero rejections skipping to the customer.

Deviations which can be traced to issues in the production process are effectively highlighted by the software-driven digital quality inspection. GearMate generates 4 different digital results for each degree of gear rotation. This makes it possible for the machine to capture even the smallest deviation. The machine then automatically suggests measures to correct the deviation.

AI-driven inspection

Inspection is developing as an interdisciplinary field covering elements of material science, electronic sensors, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. AI and cloud computing use machine learning algorithms to analyze product profiles, detect defects and dictate course corrections. Hundreds of ML algorithms predict defects based on data of all past inspections ever conducted. Quality inspection software programs then provide risk assessment, predict quality issues beforehand and classify issues faster and accurately for further actions.

CalibroMeasure is bringing the digital revolution to in-process and final gear inspection.

CalibroMeasure is dedicated to developing automation solutions to digitalize gear measurement and inspection. Our gear inspection machines are built to redress issues arising from the operator-driven manual inspection process, and improve the availability of data on critical measuring points.

Shift to data-driven gear inspection software for efficiency and insights

Gear quality inspection equipment from CalibroMeasure comes with a specially designed software to record multiple gear quality parameters within seconds. The software aided decision means the equipment can produce accurate results even when run by unskilled manpower . While the gears are auto-rolled on the gear inspection machine, the intelligent gear inspection software can acquire and analyses multiple data points simultaneously. For any deviations or defects, the software takes the decision if the gear is Ok or not Ok. Going further, it specifies the values needed to correct the defect. These can then be directly entered into hobbing or grinding machines during rework.

High reliability and efficiency of automation directly translates into near-zero PPM rejections slipping to customers and drastic manpower reduction in the final inspection process.

Lastly, different gear types have their own specific inspection requirements. In many cases, a single machine or a single gear inspection software may not be able to work with different types of gears. However, coupled with the smart gear inspection software, a single CalibroMeasure gear inspection equipment is capable inspecting multiple types of gears on multiple parameters.

The gear is automatically inspected and a detailed digital report is created in a matter of seconds. Inspection data is then saved against QR code and transferred to the server in real-time.

Automated digital quality inspections solutions for precision components

CalibroMeasure Equipments designs and manufactures automated dimensional inspection solutions for precision components. The equipment are Industry 4.0 ready and can be suitably modified in future to accommodate new components of similar geometries. Get in touch with us at for digitising your quality inspection process.

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