Manual v/s MeasureMate – MeasureMate

Manual Gauging Machine - MeasureMate

  • High manpower for inspection of ID, OD, PCD Runout, DOB, Groove width, spline inspection parameters etc
  • High space & Manpower required for 100% inspection of multiple parameters before dispatch..
  • Human errors adds up to internal rejection- Mixing of OK & Not OK components.
  • Dependency on skilled manpower
  • No data for traceability or analysis
  • Calibration frequency is not always ensured results in rejection skipping to customer.
  • Poor R & R of manual equipments
  • It can’t be integrated to scanner/dynamic marking.
  • Manual equipments will be obsolete in future
  • Critical to measure parameters are sometimes impossible to measure on manual equipments.

Gauging Machine MeasureMate® Benefits

  • Unskilled operator can achieve 100% inspection on MeasureMate™.
  • 100% inspection of all the CTQ parameters on one MeasureMate™ occupying optimum space.
  • MeasureMate™ makes the operator keep Ok & Not ok components separately (Pokayoke)
  • All the data required for SPC analysis is recorded & can be transferred to remote PC.
  • Calibration frequency is ensured by MeasureMate™.
  • Great repeatability of MeasureMate.
  • MeasureMate™ saves inspection results against scanned QR/ bar code and does dynamic marking.
  • MeasureMate™ is future ready, Industry 4.0 ready. Can be upgraded for new components, software &Industry 4.0 features
  • Critical to measure parameters like ball track diameter and it’s runout, Runouts w.r.t. two datums etc can be automated.



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