Manual v/s RollSmart – RollSmart

Manual Roll Tester

  • Impossible to calculate TTE
  • Skilled operator required.
  • Human dependant decisions
  • Cumbersome settings
  • No assurance of inspection frequency being followed
  • Inspection data not recorded for CpCpk
  • Difficult to monitor Process trend
  • No analytical approach for inspection results
  • Doesn’t ensure max life of master

RollSmart ®

  • Quantified TTC, TTE readings!.
  • Rolling skills not required – Auto rolling!
  • Ok/ Not Ok decided by RollSmart!
  • Setting time– within a minute!
  • Missed opportunities recorded and data ready for analysis!
  • Auto recording of inspection data, thus easy CpCpk!
  • Real Time process trend available on the screen!
  • RollSmart gives smart warning pop ups like – “The TCE readings are deviated more than 20 microns than last 3 readings”, “The process is using wide tolerance band”
  • Helps ensuring maximum life of master



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CalibroMeasure Equipments P. Ltd. with its highly experienced team designs & manufactures automated dimensional inspection solutions for precision gears & transmission shafts for final as well as in process inspection.


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