How to tackle recession smartly using Industry 4.0

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Tough times don’t last. Tough people do. And though people can be incredibly smart, an example of which is the use of Industry 4.0.

Till about a year back, the concept of Industry 4.0 and IoT was still thought of as outlandish ideas from the west (and east!) which would remain unworkable in places like India which was a land of the “jugaad”. With a profusion of people, it was thought of as another “hi-funda” technology that would fall flat on its face.

And then came the recession which to this day we see only growing in our face. Yes, it only seems to be getting larger by the day (even if a substantial part of the feel could be our own ingrained fear of things not working out). Adding to that, as always, is our population which either do not have the right education and training or does not have the initiative or is plain expensive, or worse still, a mix in parts of these. What it leaves us with and more so in these dimming times is with products which do not make the cut and an expense which keeps increasing without a commensurate increase in anyway, of the output.

In these gloomy times, the one thing we thought to be “hi-funda” only a while back seems the right option. Industry 4.0 thus seems the methodology which shall (it seems) give us the promised manna. And why not? It has shown its abilities worldwide and turned around situations. In particular Industry 4.0 can be used in the following way:

1.Industry 4.0 Gear Inspection know what customers want

Industry 4.0 is an interconnected and integrated system that reads for itself what is required by whom and where. In doing so, it helps by knowing exactly what the consumer wants. and helping the production system produce just that. The scope of such a system is way, way beyond that of nations and states and takes industrial units all over the globe in search of clients. With demands not being stuck to a country, the risk of recession is mitigated to a very large extent. In addition, a producer also comes to know of world trends and pitch his/ her wares and abilities accordingly. They also know the cheapest source of raw materials as also which part of the world produces the best parts and systems.

2. It shall help design products to be faster and better

Worldwide trends change for practically every product. Times, when a product lasted for decades, is all but gone. With the advent of competing technologies including 3D-printers, one has to be two steps ahead of the competition and know who wants what. In this, Industry 4.0 with its constant scanning of the horizon courtesy the internet and digital communication, always know facts and can be of help – more so in times of downturns when capacities lie idle.

3. It shall help make machines very, very efficient

One of Industry 4.0’s most important features is that it allows for machines to speak between themselves (IoT) through dedicated software programs and take the right steps to enhance production, quality and output while reporting on variances, downtime, maintenance schedules and where possible, even implanting the latter. In doing so, a human can never compete with machines. Being in sync, machines, systems, and their output becomes supremely efficient, fast and economical- a requirement most needed in times of industrial slowdowns.

4. It shall help change the present idea of ownership and consumption of resources

With services themselves being the product, the idea of ownership undergoes a sea-change. There was a time when owners were producers and manufacturers. Today, the owner of industrial machinery may just own the physical aspect. The rest, production, maintenance, and upkeep could well be with someone else. The idea of Industry 4.0 has just bolstered this idea. Take for example the concept of vehicles in the west. They are owned by an entity that has nothing to do with their running and upkeep. Leased out to others, it’s the latter who takes care of running and maintenance, and further lease it to users. And how does all this take place seamlessly? Industry 4.0! While putting together the whole environment for the industry, it also provides it the best ecosystem for growth and further development.

These are some of the ways by which Industry 4.0 shall bring change in tough times. These are by no means the only changes possible. That is a question of time. With the technology settling in, it’s entirely possible that even more changes come about.

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